Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is it like to get your nails done?

How much does it cost?

What do (or can) they do when you get one?

My sister said her friend and her were going to get their nails done and that I could come.

I've never been though.What is it like to get your nails done?
omg u aint got ure nails done before :S

lol jokiinn

i have only got myn done 1nce 2!

i live in london and myn was fake 拢10 for only white tip

and in any colour and fake 拢13..

i got my ndone in peckahm

What is it like to get your nails done?
it's kind of fun if you're with your friends!! but when i first got mine did it was kind of irritating to me, but you'll never know how it feels if you don't try it out!!!
I wouldn't know - never done it either.

I do get pedicures though, and they rock!
i LOVE it! they give you like a hand massage which is soo nice.

mine cost like 拢12 at some salon in london
do u mean acrylics or just a manicure
Fun! They massage your hand and arm too... you should go!

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