Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it okay to polish my nails every week?Or is it unhealthy?

Because the problem is the remover i hate it but i must use it, so shall i put manicure for 5 days a week and remove it in a day and another for rest? Or shall i put it in a week while next week with no manicure? I just need to know not to damage my nails.

Thanks.Is it okay to polish my nails every week?Or is it unhealthy?
i think every two weeks would be better , coz you will get tired of polishing it every week and it may damage your nails when you get olderIs it okay to polish my nails every week?Or is it unhealthy?
Not if you polish them with turtle wax....chamois clothe buff for a nice high shine...
give your nails a time to be just that !! another working part of your body !! skipping O N E day I'll bet they would thank you !! If posible try picking one or two days in a weeks time that you'll just be you !! %26amp; NATURAL !! Then your over`all body may not need as long ``a`` time to recover !?! %26amp; or breath without all the make~up %26amp; things smothering the pores!?! In`fact see if you can take warm baths often; but way before leaving the bathroom try doing the steps that if you've ever noticed!?! those steps that would have you see steam or somekind of film if you will Mostly brought on by steam from when you might shower!?! See your own little steam room for a brief time!?! Make good use of the time~!!!%26lt;G/L%26gt;~!!!! ';R';r`r.r'r`,r'.--
I'm not certain I follow you ...but it's okay to leave polish on for a week without removing it, and allowing one ';rest'; day. It's also okay to leave out a rest day and have manicured nails all the time. I have mine polished all the time and I have no trouble with my nails. There are gentle removers available at the drug store that have less odor than salon formulas, Sally Hansen has a couple removers that claim to moisturize nails and keep them from drying out. Cutex has a low odor acetone free formula that I use.

If you ar worried about nail polish and removers, why not just have a nice polish free buffed shine with you natural nails? It's quite pretty, doesn't harm the nails and you don't need to expose them to any chemicals and lacquers.
It's totally ok! I polish mine every three or four days and they are impossible to break!
Yes it can be unhealthy if you do it to often
Buy some keratin products to harden your nails and some oil for nails treatment.

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