Thursday, August 5, 2010

During pregnancy is it alright to get acrylic nails done?

The only reason why I even ask is because I was told by a midwife at my OB's office that it is ok to paint your fingernails during pregnancy. I was just wondering if getting acrylic nails done can pose any danger. I don't really paint my nails, but a friend of mine wanted to take me to get our nails done, so I was just wondering.

Oh, I'm 14 weeks 3 days.

Also, what is your opinion on the topic?During pregnancy is it alright to get acrylic nails done?
absolutely! as long as you are in a room where air is circulating and you're not suffocated with fumes, you have nothing to worry about.During pregnancy is it alright to get acrylic nails done?
I've always been a bit paranoid about acrylic nails, the people doing them must be wearing masks for a reason.

';The exposure to any potentially harmful materials would be so small that it doesn't make sense it would pose any danger. The only potential danger in acrylic nails would be the exposure to solvents, which people are worried about during pregnancy. But the key issue is dose. And common sense says you wouldn't be exposed to enough solvents from getting acrylic nails for there to be a problem. The people we worry about are the ones who are exposed to solvents all day long and are nauseated or sick from them.';
Getting your nails done should be fine... Im sure you will do it in a well ventilated area and not sniff the polish or glue ;)

It's things like dying your hair and being exposed to chemicals and some carcinogenic cleaning products you want to avoid.

Go have fun and get your nails done. Pedicures are great too since after a while you can't even see your feet lol.

Wooo hooo you're in your 2nd trimester!

Congrats and blessings :)
I am 34 weeks pregnant get them done every 2 or 3 weeks and my doctor has told me it is completely safe. She even asked complimented my nails during a

They don't last as long as they use to because my nails grow so fast because of the prenatal vitamins.

I'm not sure if u were in doubt because of the fumes but the woman that does my nails is pregnant too and she said her doctor said its fine for her to keep working there.
i get my nails done every 3 weeks and im currently 38 weeks n 5 days, i have been goin since b4 i was pregnant, i asked my doc n she said it was i dont think it would do any harm, im almost due and the baby is as healthy as can be, and active..well hope this helps :)
Yes you can, make sure you have the little fan blowing in you're face or you are in a very well ventilated area! You're fine! Congrats!
perfectly fine... the smell in the nail shop my make you a little sick to your tummy.. but just fine.. but get your feet done too it feels soooo good trust me=]]
it shouldnt be but ask a gynecologist first
yes dear, dont see why you can't....
Its fine, make sure your in a well vented area.

the smell will prolly make you sicker than anything else.

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