Saturday, August 21, 2010

Does it matter if finger nails are fake or not?

my hubby said he loves them,but what do others think when they find they are not real?Does it matter if finger nails are fake or not?
i don't think so, as long as it's not obvious that they're fake. if he can't tell the difference, it shouldn't matter too much.

funny story. back in college i used to wear fake nails, but the ones you buy and stick on with nail glue, not go to a salon for. needless to day, they don't stay on as well, and sometimes have the habit of ';snapping'; off your real nail. anyway, i was at the bar talking to this guy i really liked and moving my hands around a lot when i hit the table beside me and one flew off very obviously. it flew to the ground and we both just stared at it. he was like, ';oh, you dropped something...'; and started to go pick it up and i was like ';don't, just...don't'; haha and picked it up myself and ran away. he must have been thinking, this chick must have gross hygiene for her nail to just go flying off her finger like that. sorry for writing a novel but that's what i think of whenever i hear about fake nails.Does it matter if finger nails are fake or not?
they dont care mine are fake i cant grow real ones they always break so i get fake ones and just keep them not over board i get short ones with a pretty color
Personally I hate fake finger nails, I think you should just do it naturally and take the time to grow some real nails.
there nothing wrong with fake nails

i like them

and if u like them that all that matters

It doesn't matter. Life is so much more than just some fake finger nails
fake nails are cute.
it doesn't matter, fake nails are pretty, i personally like them much better than real nails

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