Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who thought it was funny last night when Orton nailed Cena through the steel chair?

i was laughing my ars off. and the kids crying priceless.Who thought it was funny last night when Orton nailed Cena through the steel chair?
Yes I actully thought it was pretty funny, since cena is so overrated man. dude I can't wait for someone else to win that championship, it has been with him since like last year. man.

I want mysterio to go to raw and win itWho thought it was funny last night when Orton nailed Cena through the steel chair?
YOU GUYS ARE DUMB i cant beleive u like to watch a gay guy!
Definitely, a lot of the crowd was cheering though. SNME last night sounded muffled.
haha yea! i was laughin so much! the kids who were like oh my gosh and the girls! haha! that was so funny!
OMG! I said the same thing to my brother! I fell out of my chair!
yea....even though i am cena fan....i thougtht it was funny!!

i was luaghing!....i dont like cena....i dont hate him.....hes ok!

i will start to like him when he turns heels!

heres a Q- wht was more funny....cena through the chair...or stone cold raising hell?

i think the 1st one!!!
That's one reason why they'll start taping RAW, heh ... ti fix things like that. That came across so badly on television, of course, looks who was selling the move.
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im still shitting myself it was so funny
i hated it
no, but i thought it was pretty funny that orton's elbow caused the chair to break.
I just watched it when i was eating my dinner and i almost choked on my food when i saw those kids faces. It was so priceless! It proves the adults dont care a less and the children are being sucked into the hype that is John Cena.
Yeah that was REALLY hilarious!
The kids shouted ';NO!';
I did!!
the highlight of my day.
HAHAHAHA yeah specially the kids. orton must have felt like the grinch that stole christmas. F*CK CENA!
My God. The kids crying was priceless. The whole chair thing was the best thing I've ever seen happen to Cena. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who laughed at the kids crying. I was feeling kind of sadistic. Overall this SNME was a lot better then last times.

RKO Rulez!

cena got pwned XD
Hell YEA
Yeah,I literally fell off my seat and dropped to the floor laughing when the cena fans were suffering.bwahhahahaha.
lmao yea pretty funny to watch
No. Cena does not deserve that
that was sad.

randy orton looked hella hot.


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