Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it bad for your nails to paint them often?

i paint my nails at least once or twice a week, when i take off the old nail polish my nails are yellowish, is this bad and if it is how can i prevent it while still painting my nails?Is it bad for your nails to paint them often?
You should try to change your nail polish every few days and allow it to breathe, sometimes your nails can get yellow because of the base of the nail polish. To prevent that from happening, I find that a nailpolish base helps. This is my stages of nail polish application:

1.Wipe nail polish off

2.clean hands

3.Put on basecoat and ridge filler

4.Put on nail colour

5.Top coat is optionalIs it bad for your nails to paint them often?
it is bad the more often u on nail polish the more yellow ur nails become and u could probably prevent by getting sumthing for it at the pharmacy

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it depends how often all you have to do is remember that they need to breath too so i would leave them a week or so with nail polish and a week without !!

hope i helped
it keeps them strong if you keep them painted.

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