Thursday, August 5, 2010

How do you trim the nails of a 150 lb Mastiff who hates it.?

She will nip, struggle and make it impossible to trim her nails, plus she weighs 150 lbs which only makes it harder.How do you trim the nails of a 150 lb Mastiff who hates it.?
Lots of people swear by Dremel nail grinders. Some dogs just don't like having their feet messed with and then a groomer or Vet is the best answer.鈥?/a>How do you trim the nails of a 150 lb Mastiff who hates it.?
If you don't want the pain of taking him to the vet of groomers just to have his nails done then I would recommened getting a muzzle for him and have someone that can help you hold him down while you do his nails. The best way to do this is lay the dog on the floor and have someonegrab his front paw with and kinda hold down his back legs and lay acoss his back and hold his back oppisite back paw. I wouldn't recommened regular dog clippers on doing Mastiffs nail as they tend to shatter and make a bigger mess then anything. I do recommened getting a drummel and doing it that way. Another possibilite is to allow him/her to run on any kind of cement etc. that tends to file down nails on their own.
I have a 220 pound male English Mastiff and he also is TERRIFIED of the nail clippers. We tried to do what all the books said and tried to get him used to the clippers and play with his feet to get him used to us touching them but we gave up and ended up taking him to the vets because when we walk him into Petsmart they are terrified. We actually had a lady refuse to do it because she was so afraid. (Her excuse was that it wasn't safe for her...)Granted he was nervous and panting and drooling, which did make his teddy bear persona a little more intimidating. :) I definitely recommend taking him to the vets, they know how to handle big dogs a little more.
We have started using a Dremel tool for our Mastiffs nails because traditional nail trimmers are too small %26amp; mash the nails. We use lots %26amp; lots of yummy treats. Cut up a hot dog or lunch meat into small pieces so it goes a long way. Somedays we can get more nails done, but sometimes it takes us 2-3 days to get all the nails done.

It's a challenge, but it takes lots of patience %26amp; a gentle hand.
I have 4 great danes and an akita. The largest dog I have is 220lbs. I bought a dremmel nail kit. It works as long as the dog doesn't struggle. I know there is a groomer that puts the dog in a harness and raises them up off the floor so that they stop struggling. Call around and see if someone does that for difficult or large breeds.
Take her to the vet,cost 10.00 where I am or pet smart,pet smart will do it as a walk in,my little female maltese hates it also,so i take her to pet smart,less then a min she is done.I keep an eye on her nails sometime I can go 3 weeks till she needs her nails done again..
Take her for a LONG run to get her really tired. Then cut one foot. The next day repeat and do the next foot. Eventually she will let you do all the feet at once. Reward her after every nail (hot dog bits, or cheese).
Learn about counter conditioning and desensitization. There is a great video about nail trimming on youtube by canines in action, do a search for tucker's nail trim
die grinder
get peticare trimmers. They really work well.
take her to the vets

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