Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it normal for a cat to bite its nails?

my cat always bites its nails, and some of them are jagged and uneven, is this normal?Is it normal for a cat to bite its nails?
Sure, it's need to check to see if they need trimmed. He may be trimming them, or maybe something is missing in his diet. Another sign is if he eats grass when he goes outside...

Some kitties just don't care for scratching posts, but you could try that, too...Is it normal for a cat to bite its nails?
yes it's another way to help the old nail off, otherwise a scratching post or tree bark helps to get the old paw nails off.
Only if you have a cat who is extremely nervous. They'll tend to stand on two feet and bite the nails on the two front paws while frowning. This generally creates an impression of deep thought. However, most humans ignore this because it is logically impossible and thus, what cannot be possible, our mind chooses to ignore for us.
My female hates having her nails trimmed by me so I usually do it every month or so. In between she will try to bite them herself, I guess when she gets uncomfortable.

I'd try to trim them or have them trimmed because cats scratch things (mine stick to their toys/posts) in order to get the hull off their claws so if they are indoors you need to do it for them or have them trimmed.
yeah.. sometimes they do that to clean their nails.. i normally trim my cat's nails... and they still do that..
yes it is normal he/she is just grooming thats all have a nice day.
Yes, lots of cats do it. I trim both of my cats nails, but my male still bites his on occasion.

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