Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is it funny if i nail someone at works desk draws shut?

its not funny...................................鈥?its halarioUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hehehehe lol i would love to see that happen lolIs it funny if i nail someone at works desk draws shut?
Only if it's to someone who you love pulling pranks on and can watch them, as they try to open them,LOL.It reminds me of the Drew Carey Show.He's always getting pranks pulled on him by Mimi,LOLIs it funny if i nail someone at works desk draws shut?
fairly. The funniest thing that someone did to me as a new employee was to hide in the cupboard below the desk and push the drawers out as I went past. I suppose it was bullying but it made me laugh all the same
Yes, especially if their a pain in the ar*e and you know you wont get caught :)
Better still, nail a fish head to the underside of the persons seat. Stink to high heaven, but nobody ever thinks of looking there for the stink. Will take 4 to 7 days to take effect. It's a classic.
only if they have still got their hands in it
Always a laugh but you've gotta be sure that someone can take a joke.
Hell yeah! Whilst you're at it, you should selotape some prawns underneath it too - always a winner/stinker!
It'll be even funnier when they find out it was you and then nail you to the wall ! ! !
Wouldnt it be quieter if you glued them shut instead?

Then glue the eraser to the white board

We used to shoot spitballs while our teacher was writing on the board. lol
yes. but not funny if you do it to your own
yes it's funny, but beware revenge is sweet so be careful you don't get caught ha ha
It won't be funny when you're dragged into the Manager's office to explain yourself! You could lose your job. It's really not worth it.
yes very funny
I think so... yeah!
Especially if their mobile phone is in there and you insist on ringing it every 10 minutes.

Glue-ing their phone receiver down to the holder is funny too!

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