Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nail varnish... Do you hate it?

I have a really big problem with it.

I can't stand the sight of it. Also i can't understand why women/ girls have to 'paint' themselves.

I don't use it.

Does anyone else hate it? OR yet again, am i the only one?Nail varnish... Do you hate it?
Why do you hate seeing another colour on someones finger nails?Nail varnish... Do you hate it?
I'm afraid that it is a sad fact of life that as you age, so do your toe nails - they look old, and start to yellow.

Nail varnish is a great way to hide old toe nails, so, yes - praise be to whoever invented the stuff - I can hide my aging toe nails under a layer of varnish
I hate the smell of it and thats about it , im wearing it now , i wear it everywhere . I love going to a nail bar and having your nails done and looking awesome . I really hate not wearing nail varnish

I luv nail vanish %26lt;3
I dont really like the varnish itself, it stinks, goes all moggy on your finger. and you have to keep your hands out to dry it for like 30 mins
I like nail polish. I'm wearing it now. I don't wear makeup ( even thuogh I'm 19) so I think it makes up for it a little bit.
It's ok yeah. It can make nails look really pretty and match an outfit, but I hate the way it chips so soon!

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