Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Darn it! I broke a nail, what the heck should I do?

left hand middle fingerDarn it! I broke a nail, what the heck should I do?
File it smooth and get on with your life. They grow back.Darn it! I broke a nail, what the heck should I do?
first be careful taking a shower or getting dressed it can get trapped in your hair or clothes, and believe me it will be very painful, second if the cut is too close to your finger try some super glue, like the one used for acrylic nail? put it on the crack and hold it together until it dries if is not too close to your finger try cutting it.

show it to everyone!
Get that stuff to put on your nails to make them stronger. Or cut your nails so they are all even or get a manicure.
Enjoy it... you can show people the bird indirectly now. J/K... you can go to a manicurist to get it fixed? ^_^
Use an emery board to reshape the nail.
file it or cut it with nail clippers. and if neither are available then bite it until its almost straight.
Tell your boyfriend to give you flowers, a gift, a nice dinner, and a get well card...

Milk it for all it's worth!
like omg like call 911 this is like an EMERGANCY
Call in sick to work.
umm, put some Neosporin on it and then gradually switch to NewSkin.

The Neosporin will give the finger more time to heal itself before you put on the Newskin. So then when u put on the NS, it will have a less probability of stinging.

My mom recommends crazy-glue if the nail is still partially attached.

Hammers work better on nails.
Your to funny,get it fix!
Cut, File and install fake. that is what the women i know do lol
Buy a new fingernail.

Preferably from Wal-Mart, since they have everything.
Oh PLEASE!!! It doesn't affect the fate of the nation! Shorten the others to match, or at least come close and get on with things; they'll grow.
Oh no!! You should either throw yourself off the nearest bridge or quit using that finger so much!! jk : )
suck it up
call ur closest nail store or something or call fashion donts quick its 465 -7844
First, remove the nail from your finger,

then go to your doctor to get a tetanus shot,

then go to the hardware store, and get a new nail! ;)
go get it fixed.
Cut them all off!
oh wow
file it real smooth so you don't hurt yourself.
Make your funeral arrangements, it's all over now. Life is no longer worth living!!!!!
Call 911
superglue than linen wrap it file smooth it and polish you will be good to go
Go buy a life on ebay.
buy some new ones
Sue someone. It's the American way...

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