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GUYS.. I have a nail-bitting problem.. what are ways I CAN STOP! it getting ridiculous :(?

I myself am a nail biter as well. I have been since I was 2. Now I have quit biting them several times, but I always go right back to biting them. I have found that the thing that really works to quit is determination. You have to have it set in your mind that you are not going to bite your nails, and you won't. Then I would normally use a Sally Hansen growth nail polish. Those normally work really well to help your nails grown fast, and once you see the growth, you won't want to bite. Atleast that's what always worked for me. Good luck!!GUYS.. I have a nail-bitting problem.. what are ways I CAN STOP! it getting ridiculous :(?
I was a biter for years until my doctor told me something.

Biting your nails is like licking a doorknob.

Think of all the bacteria!GUYS.. I have a nail-bitting problem.. what are ways I CAN STOP! it getting ridiculous :(?
In the nail care section of your local drugstore, they'll have polishes that taste very bitter to curb nail biting.

Try that, or get some hard candy to suck on to keep your mouth occupied.
there is a chemical you can get that when put on your fingernails will make them taste really really bad. see a pharmacist or a doctor for it.
Well I have a bitting-nail problem too so why not try to not think about not bitting your nails!
i have that same prob! i just get fake nails then u cant bite ur nails cause they r covered up...
a really hard habit to break..idle time, may contribute to it, long periods of driving, sitting in front of the tv, and inactivity all contribute to nail biting.

stay active, busy hands rarely find their way to your mouth..
they have stuff you can put on your nails is taste really gross so you won't bite them. it doesn't work for me cause i pick and pull at my nails with my fingers
I always heard that biting your nails gives you really bad breath.

Try getting your nails done at a salon.
i had this problem, i used 2 do it went i gt nervous, weneva i feel like biting my nails i chew gum n after a while i c how nice my nails r looking n it put me of bitin them. u cud jus get fake nails, they look nice n u can bite u real nails so they can grow or u cud get some of that nasty tasing stuff u put on ur nails xx good luck xx
Sally Hansen and several other nail-polish companies produce a nail polish that tastes pretty awful. There's also a product that's often available in nailpolish aisles of stores that's called NoBite. It does the same thing. Hopefully, the terrible taste will wean you off your nail biting habit. Goodluck!
There is this stuff called ';stop the bite'; it is really nasty so when you bite your fingernails, it will make you stop. You can buy this dtuff at walmart. I promise it helps ive used it before
well to tell you the truth you can get anal worms from bitting your nails by the way i am a doctor
i had the same problem, this is what i did..

i started going for regular manicures once 20-30 days.

i always kept a fresh coat of nail polish on,

like change every 3-4 days (buy some really cute colours)

i always applied a strengthening nail base, like sally Hansen's maximum growth...

having dark nail polish on kept me from putting my nails in my mouth as all the yucky flakes get into ur mouth as well.

as i kept this up for a couple of months,

my nails grew longer and once i saw how great they looked i stopped biting them completely.

i think u should try it too.....
i had that too so i got acrylics put on over them so i couldn't bite them. :-P also, they have bite-no-more polish that tastes AWFUL, you could try that too. now, i just keep them pretty and manicured so i feel bad messing them up haha.
Just stop.
Why do you feel like only guys can help you with this problem?
I used to pick at my nails and keep them tore off. So then I bought a 99 cent nail file to carry with me. And anytime I felt the urge to tear at them I would whip out my trusty file. Now my nails stay long and no more bothersome snag nails. It also has a calming effect to know that I am helping my nails and keeping my fingers busy.

Happy Happy

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well. 1st of all you cud buy some lotion stuff from the chemist. it a special stuff which you put on your nails and taste horrible so it stops you biting.

also next time your biting take note of when you do it. if you can begin to identify when you bite your nails you can make a conscious effort to stop.

ooo, just thought of another thing.... i find that i bite my nails when part of it is slightly longer than the rest (if that makes sense), so always keep them well filed looking nice. the nicer they are, the less likely you are to bite them.
in the salon, i see this all the time and the best way i have found to solve this is to get fake nails whether or not its acrylics or some type of wrap.
here's what my mom did to me and my sisters. first, she filed off the ugly edges and put some nice nail polish on them. then, she rubbed onion on the top of our nails. there's really 2 things going on there. one, when your nails look nice, you're less likely to want to ruin them, and two, if you forget and start biting, you'll get that ugly taste. My little sister still didn't stop so my mom rubbed jalapeno on her nails. just make sure its just on top otherwise it'll burn.
Put bandaids on the tips of each finger.
This has to be one of the hardest habits to break, but it can be done. Here are just a few ways to make it easier.

1. Decide that you are going to stop. Pick a day and say that's it. No more nibbling. Now here are a few little ways to help.

2. There are some bitter tasting liquids that can painted onto the nails. I don't know anyone who actually liked the taste, so this is going to slow you down and give your nails a little time to start growing.

3. The minute you wash your hands, re-apply the liquid mentioned above. This will also focus attention on your hands and the nails which should be visible by now.

4. Keep an emery board in every room and one in your backpack or purse. The minute you notice a snag, use the emery board and not your teeth.

5. Buy a few bottles of pretty polish and some hand cream. You are going to keep your nails polished and your hands soft. In a weeks time, you are going to notice a difference.

6. Once a biter, always a biter. I have stopped, but it only takes a snag for me to revert back to old habits. I have to follow these tips too.

7. You might have been looking for a magical way to stop biting your nails, but I'm afraid that there is no such thing. You simply have to put your mind to it and stop!

8. Will power is an amazing thing. If you want something badly enough, you can do it. If you want pretty nails, you are the only person who can stop it from happening.

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