Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is it normal to bite the skin around your nails?

My sister and I both have this problem. We bite our nails, but we also bite the skin all around them, sometimes to the point where they bleed. Everybody I know thinks it's pretty gross. I think so too, but it's a bad habit. We've been doing this for most of our lives.

Does anybody else do that?Is it normal to bite the skin around your nails?
i do it. it's nasty but i can't help it, i run out of nail and i like to chew on it!

eww that was a gross confession...Is it normal to bite the skin around your nails?
I do it too! I really really hate it, but I just really can't stop :( :( :( :( I have tried chewing gum whenever i can, but i go to school and can't have gum in school (School is where i usually bite) and i have rubbed like everything on them and ahh!! Help!! :( :( :( It's just gross...

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I find myself doing that sometimes, especially if I've run out of nail to bite. I don't go so far as to make them bleed, but I've definitely made my fingertips a bit ragged-looking at times. I also bite at my hangnails, but that's just because I don't have the patience to wait until I can get to a nail-clipper (as if I'm unconsciously afraid of getting them caught on something).
It's normal, not healthy, but normal. Especially when your nervous. I used to do it, but it looks really bad. The lady that does my nails told me to put either rubbing alcohol or clear nail polish on it. And it worked.. The taste was so bad. If you do it for about a month, everyday, you pretty much quit biting.
I recently started doing it

it's not a habit I just enjoy it :|

My brother does it too, as a way to stop biting his nails, he started biting the skin

I pick, bite at the skin around my nails and thumbs sometimes the thumbs are worse... I'm really trying to stop but I just don't know what to do..
I do it all the time.

I usually do it without realising it.

It's an annoying habit!
I do. I wish I could stop though. =P

My nails are basically ruinned from the biting.D;

Maybe get your nails painted?
no it's not normal. break the habit. you can do it.
I'm doing it right now %26amp; always have. Do you spit or swallow?

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