Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it okay to have a black nail.?

My nail turn black on my foot only one of them .Is it okay to have a black nail.?

it's okay. it'll go away after some time (i hope. lol)

meantime, you may want to paint your toenails. if you don't want the ';loud'; colors, try colors like opaque, pale pinks or anything pale (coz i think you're young, don't try strong colored nail polishes like the reds corporate women likes to wear). also, black nail polish is in. funky colors would be nice, especially if you wear slippers / sandals / open-toe shoes most of the time. choose the color that'll look nice basing on your skin tone, and your wardrobe :p.

good luck, have fun ^_^Is it okay to have a black nail.?
yes it is ok, i know someone who had a black toenail, it just means it is bruised. it will go away after a while

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