Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are the filipinos who nail themselves on crosses doing it for our sins?

are they buying us salvation? for all humanity like jesus?Are the filipinos who nail themselves on crosses doing it for our sins?
They are exhibitionists!

Plus the fact that these people are encouraged by the publicity of the western press and the money that goes with it. The Church in the Philippines has tried its best to stop the practise but they can't.

I am a Filipino.

Peace and every blessing!Are the filipinos who nail themselves on crosses doing it for our sins?
NO, NO, NO, NO. JESUS CHRIST said in the cross IT IS FINISHED. They are not buying anyone salvation, not even for them self. It is sad that my fellow Filipinos are still doing this. They doing as a tradition, wrong tradition that the roman catholics started. They should read the HOLY BIBLE and learn that it is done already by the SON OF THE LIVING GOD.
No, at best they are just doing it for their own beliefs, or those of their families. No one needs to be nailed to a cross today, not to ';buy salvation'; or for any other reason.
what, their show of faith is not good enough for you? What have you done to prove yours? Jesus thinks you're a wuss, and so do I
no. there was only one that was able to die for sin and that was JESUS CHRIST. get real
They're making a mockery of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Somehow his atonement wasn't good enough, so they atone for their own sins instead.
sure why not?
They say they are showing their passion for Christ. I wonder where this idea of crucifying Jesus' followers as a proof of love and faith comes from.
NO, they are doing it because THEY are insane!
They are just doing what was done to Jesus when he was a man and crucified but that is prohibited by God according to the bible.

Those people are not God as Jesus. and aside they have no power of God. They are human beings like us.

They are falsely pretending to suffer the same sufferings of Jesus and in fact they are committing sin against God for doing those things as it is prohibited by God.

That is only the act of show.

No. Its part of their sacrifice for their sins. Only Jesus can save us.

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