Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it appropate for a 10 year old kid to get acrylic nails?

My daughter wants to get them and i dont know if its ok? What do you think?Is it appropate for a 10 year old kid to get acrylic nails?
I personally think tht shes 2 young to get acrylics. Maybe she could jus get a french manicure tht makes it look lyk she has nails on.Is it appropate for a 10 year old kid to get acrylic nails?
At Wal-Mart they have the ones you can do yourself that are ment for kids her age. They aren't really long, but they have cute designs. If you do any acrylic nails and you do them yourself and you get them on wrong or something it hurts like crazy!!!!!!!!!! If you get them done at a shop they grow out and it costs alot to get them filled plus it tears your nails up after you get them off.
if you raise your kid to know that she can ONLY have then because of good conduct, or because you simply want to have a girls day out, maybe...but be prepared to say no to other things. once the nails come on, shes gonna want a cell phone, all the candy in teh world, heeled shoes and if you give her all that guess what? dont want a spoiled kid. or get her her nails, or get her the shoes...but make sure you get it for her becuase YOU want her to have it, not because she asked for it then cried after you said no, so you finally gave in. thats how parents ruin their own im 19 and have only gotten em twice in my life...they left my nails ugly, and weak...
err no its not she's a kid let her be kid surely , they are growing up way too fast these days! omg when i was 10 i dint even know what acrylic nails were?! saying yes because she gets what she wants and all her friends are doing it isnt a good reason unless u want her to grow up vain,spoilt and doing things that arent age appropraite just because everyone else does it?! wonderful!
I wouldn't. They are crappy. When you try to put your clothes on they will like snap off. They mess up your nails with that horrible glue! I dont think its for a girl, although they make it for girls, but I think they are for women. I only tried it once I honestly hated it!
Eeeek! I don't think so!

The first time I got acrylic nails was when i graduated middle school, even then I feel it was too early! Start her off when she gets to high school, that would be much more tactful.
wAy too young

im in gr 9 and theres only like 2 girls in my whole school that have them

they look really cheap on young girls especially 10 year olds!!
I don't think a 10 year old should be getting acrylic nails, that is just my personal opinion. Is she wearing makeup/dying her hair? etc...she is TEN!!
umm only if she is responsible enough to not try to break them off because threy could damage her real nails.
i dont think you should because they could really mess up her nails.

just get her a manicure and get it french tipped.
no...... don't let her get them!!!!!

they're really painful!

she's gonna get hurt,

and im gonna laugh because you let her.
You're the parent so its completely your choice. IMO though, that is too young.
NO!!! she is too young!!!! and it will be a waste of money!!! Please don't let your child grow up too fast!!
No, children are growing up way too fast.

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i think you should let her get them because she probly only wants them because of other girls at school have them and she might feel left out
yeah its so hot

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