Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Am I hitting the nail on the head or is it my imagination - what should I do?

My b/f was somewhat drunk a few weeks ago and started telling about his friend's new gal. His friend brought her to a golf tournament and my b/f told me how good looking she was (too good looking for his friend he said) and went on to add while he(my b/f) was on the course he watched her and there were several guys talking to her and how good she looked. I got pissed but kept my lip zipped. Then a week or two later he started on her again and apparently him and some friends had been at a club talking about her. Then days later he was drinking and went on to tell me again how good looking she is and the story of her divorce, he knows where she lives the whole nine yards. Again he was drinking the other nite and went on to tell me Jack brought photos of her to the golf course and she was ';looking good';. Now should I let this go, sit up pay attention and watch to see what is going on or what. Do you think first chance my b/f will be after her. Opinions and help pleaseAm I hitting the nail on the head or is it my imagination - what should I do?
Why do women have to be so subversive about everything. Just tell him that it annoys/bothers you when he's talking about how hot this other chick is. Don't just sit there and stew about it.Am I hitting the nail on the head or is it my imagination - what should I do?
umm sounds like u got it..i always say go with ur instinct-i think u did hit the nail right on the head..and given the opportunity yes i think ur bf will jump on it..sorry but i definitely think u should ';sit up pay attention';..good luck..
He's already after her but Jack is in the way... or, he's one of those guys who gets his jollies by seeing his own girl get jealous. Either way he's bad news and very immature.
First off, your bf is a stupid insensitive drunk not worthy of your trust or friendship. Dump him and move on.
I think your b/f need to stop drinking, because if your not around and drinking he might just cheat on you with her. The reason is drinking shuts off the reason part of you brain. He doesn't even know that he says or does anything that upsets you. Tell him but in a nice way
deid i mention that i dont drink lol whatch this guy like a hawk honey especialy if he is better looking than his friend or makes more money than him she might be a gold diggin tramp ya know? did i mention i dont drink and im a realy nice guy lol
Ask him. There are a lot of possibilities.

1. You're right and he likes her more than you.

2. You're wrong and he's just making you jealous on accident.

3. You're wrong, but he's making you jealous on purpose.

4. When he's drunk he can't think straight.

My first guess would be 4 personally.
totally dont hang out with him. is he your boy friend to talk abou t another girl? thats jjust stupid. that is just like cedric, cho chang, and harry. cho chang kept on talking about cedric to harry. seriosuly, there is no point hanging out with him. tell him to hang out with that girl is she is just too stunning and to leave you alone
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You should, first, tell him it bugs you that he keeps saying these things about her. If he gets all defensive in return, then I'd be worried - but if he truly seems concerned about your feelings and lets up so you're more comfortable, then it's probably okay. But if he gets defensive or starts doing it more, I'd dump him if i were you. Good luck.
21% of guys in relationships are on the lookout for something better
maybe he is trying to make you jealous
i think that's pretty nervy for him to keep commenting about the girl's looks. it seems that he only does it when he's drunk, which may mean that he just might think she's a good looking gal, and nothing more. however, if it is really bothering you, speak up. say something casual like, ';man, you think about that girl a lot!'; or ';she seems to be one of your favorite conversation topics.'; then it's not threatening, and you bring up the fact that it is clearly bothering you. don't let him tell you how YOU feel. if he deals with it by saying that you're overreacting, then he's a tool because in reality, he should be apologizing for upsetting you. a nice guy will admit that he didn't realize it bothered you, stop the bad behavior, and move forward. if he's a douche, then he'll be a jerk about the whole thing and turn the conversation against you. so, i would casually bring up the fact that it bothers you and see how he reacts. good luck! :)
Well for one thing it sounds like he has a drinking problem,or like he's not a good drunk.If I were you I wouldn't kepp my mouth shut about this.Tell him it's rude to be talking about other girls that way in front of you.Guys are stupid,and he might just not have realized that he was hurting your feelings.But if he drinks this much and acts like this when he's drunk,maybe it's time to call it quits.Tell him to call him when he's sober.
He's a sleaz. Dump him and move on. For all u know he could already be cheating on you.
He's not trying to make you jealous- drinking makes people loose their judgement, and one of the first things that happens is that their tongue loosens and they say things they've been thinking.

He thinks she's gorgeous, that's the fact. Now here's the tough part: does he still care about you more, or will he care about her more? If I were you, I would get out of the relationship before I could be hurt.
By your silence you give him tacit permission to pursue her instead of you. I dont think you realized it, or that he consciously realized it. He might not think it, but thats what is happening.

Call her, and ask her about him. If you can be open, and an amazing person on the phone, she will hate his guts for being willing to betray you. She woulnt give him the time of day, even if he pursues.

Then talk to him, and give him an ultimatum. Say Im comitted to you, but if you are out to betray our relationship - you arent in it. No other woman sleeps in my bed - I am not getting her diseases, nor am I sharing my man, or the heart of my man.

If he is dumb enough to pursue her, then .. you dont have to keep him.
You are a very tolerant person, I must say. You are very forgiving and kind. I don't know too many women that would put up with this kind of crap.

First of all, your boyfriend drinks too much. Second, he's obviously fixated on her. And he's insensitive toward your feelings.

Lose him!
You should just watch carefully. Don't assume anything and don't point fingers until you have evidence. She is new in your crowd, so of course everyone will be talking about her for a while. Maybe it is just that and it will die down after a while. As for him talking about her to you....tell him that it is insensitive and that he needs to stop before he gets a swift kick to the forehead.
I think he's being horribly inconsiderate to keep bringing her up, and you have every right to be pissed about it. I hope you can let him know that it hurts for him to constantly comment on how hot this other woman is while he's taking you for granted, and it sounds like he's already halfway out the door on his way to hit on her.
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