Saturday, August 21, 2010

I went hiking last week. Now my toe nail is bruised. Will it fall off?

I went on an 11 mile hike last week to Mt. LeConte in TN. I wore New Balance Tennis Shoes not knowing how strenuous and steep of a hike it was going to be. I kept stubbing my toe on rocks on the way down and my toe kept shoving into my shoes. Long story short, I had nail polish on until this morning, and when I took it off, my toenail is a purplish-black color. I am assuming that the color (bruising) was worse last week, but I didn't even know it was bruised cause my polish was a deep, dark red. I am worried that my nail is going to come off. Does anyone know if it will, and if it does when? How long will it take for my nail to grow back if it does? I went hiking last week. Now my toe nail is bruised. Will it fall off?
I got bruises like that on my big toes from wearing safety boots at work. I found out the same way, by taking off dark nail polish. It scared me so bad! But, the nails never did fall off. I threw away those safety boots, gave myself regular pedicures cutting the nail as short as possible and treating it with an anti-fungal liquid, refrained from wearing nail polish or constricting shoes. The dark bruises eventually went away. The nail had turned dark purple too and it grew out. Just keep a close watch on them.I went hiking last week. Now my toe nail is bruised. Will it fall off?
Yep this is probably the case. This happened to me when I tried going down-hill skiing for the first time. I am a cross-country sky person. Everyone told me that I would struggle when I tried down-hill skiing and they were right. I felt like I was in an Abbot %26amp; Costello movie. At one point when I was going down hill my speed picked up too quick so I tried to do a control fall and ended up with my large toe nail like the above description. Gee did it HURT! When I showed it to my friends they all told me that it would fall off and it did.
Yes, your nail will come off. It happens to me MANY times but it grows back. It may take about 1 or 2 years to grow back all the way. Dont worry you will be fine.

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