Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is it normal for cats to lose their nails?

I have recently been finding my cats nails in the carpet and on the bed.Is it normal for cats to lose their nails?
Yes and no. If it's the whole, solid claw then no. But if it almost looks like a shell, then yes. They do shed the outer part of their claws from time to time, but they never lose the entire claw completely.Is it normal for cats to lose their nails?
yes, its Normal

People think cats scratch to sharpen their claws, but this is not accurate. Cats claws are like an onion, and they shed each outer layer as it becomes necessary. They scratch to enable the outer sheath to remove itself. If your cat is not very adept at doing this, you will notice that there is a buildup of dead layers underneath the claw. These can usually be removed easily by picking it off with a fingernail. Your cat may also try to remove them by chewing on them. If you see your cat frequently chew on her claws, it may be because there are layers of dead sheathes he is trying to remove.


They kind of ';clip'; around them to sharpen them and sometimes they may break them.
Yes. They sort of ';shed'; the outer layer.
Ya it's normal my kitten does that alot
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