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When I apply a clear coat, it messes up my nail polish!!!! How am I suppose to apply a TOP COAT?

After doing my nails, I like to apply a clear top coat, just to prevent chipping and just for the added shine. I wait a while to make sure that my previous nail polish is completely dry, but when I apply the clear coat it smudges the nail polish underneath and drives me CRAZY =P

I have maybe 5 different clear coats and they all seem to be doing the same thing, its like they activate the polish underneath and then they smudge it...

Any advice =DWhen I apply a clear coat, it messes up my nail polish!!!! How am I suppose to apply a TOP COAT?
I put on the top coat a day after I paint my nails. What you said always happens to me, and I found that doing it that way works the best. This ensures your nails are perfectly dry. One time I painted my nails at around 6 and went to be at 11, and when I woke up I had stuff stuck to them. That means they still weren't dry after 5 hrs. I really suggest putting it on the next day. It won't do any harm in waiting. And you don't even have to wait that long for it to dry because it's only one coat.When I apply a clear coat, it messes up my nail polish!!!! How am I suppose to apply a TOP COAT?
I think the problem is that your not waiting enough time to dry. Even if you smudge it with your finger it still not might be dry enough. Just wait a little longer and apply the coat.
As a former manicurist it has to be done lightly, with a light touch, or wait until the last coat is totally dry. When I do my nails I wait til the next morning.
Maybe the problem is that your nail polish isn't completely dry.

So you should try waiting a little bit longer before you apply the clear coat.
What clear top coat brand are you using? I bought a cheapie one and it totally took off the nail polish. Maybe try a different brand. Or just wait until the color completely dries.
maybe they arent dry enough. paint your nails then put it under cold water because it helps dry quicker. then apply the clear coat.
Maybe your nails weren't completely dry yet. Try waiting a little longer. That's really the only reason that would happen.

Hope this helps!:)
Ok paint your nails with one coat, then an half an hour later do the clear.
wait 20 minutes before applying top coat
Do it while it's partially wet. That's how you're supposed to do it.
You haven't let your nails dry long enough. Like they have to be

REALLY dry. It sucks, :[
ugh, i know right???! lol. That would happen to me quite often as well. But you must really really allow it to dry.
wait for the nail polish to dry hard
wait for the nail polish to dry
maybe you are putting on too thick of a coat of regular nail polish
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