Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is it normal to collect my own toe nails?

It started out as a joke, but now i find myself collecting them up.

I started almost a year ago and my toe nail jar is FINALLY full!!

My friends and family find it sick, what do you think?

Its not just a hobby though, it comes in handy when in need of a midnight snack!Is it normal to collect my own toe nails?
That's my biggest ';pet peeve';.. when people clip their toe nails and leave them laying around on the floor.. or poking up out of the couch cushion.. it's pretty gross but at leastt you're helping out me and the others that hate it. Keep on keeping on!Is it normal to collect my own toe nails?
I am Sixty-Seven years old, when I was a wee lad; I worked for fine Hotel in Chicago, IL as a bellhop, I was asked to go up to the penthouse and deliver a small box, so I did as I was told and knocked and who answered but the great Babe Ruth, he invited me in and quickly took the box and clipped his toe nails and neatly put them into the box and handed them to me and said, hold on to these kid, they might be worth something. I have Babe Ruth's toe nail clippings, I've been thinking of selling them on eBay for some new dentures.
Spread some fresh toe chesse on em and your good to go. Dont wanna collect toe chesse unless you stick it in the fridge.
At 1st I was like that's weird.. then the last sentence turned my stomach. DONT EAT YOUR TOE NAILS THATS GROSS THEY MIGHT HAVE BACTERIA GROWTH AND YOU CAN GET SICK!!!!
wow.......atleast you arent collecting your pubic hairs in a jar and eating them as a midnight snack......
yes thats disgusting and sick and just plain wrong
Eww I hope you're joking
um.... hell no thats not normal.

hmmmm! Maybe you should give Guiness a call I am sure thats a new one for them.Yuck!
whats the point.
ill that's is the most disgusting thing i have ever heard of............that's NASTY

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