Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is there anyway I can take off fake nails without it hurting?

if so can you tell me howIs there anyway I can take off fake nails without it hurting?
Yes. Soak for like 1 day in Acetone. That will work but it takes FOREVERIs there anyway I can take off fake nails without it hurting?
I agree with sanding them down first, but then... instead of soaking them in acetone, try the following...

Thoroughly soak ten cotton balls in acetone nail polish remover and when they are wet, wet, wet, put them on your finger nails and wrap your finger tips in foil.

Watch a 30 minute TV show, unwrap and gently scrape the remaining acrylic/gel/silk off.

Good luck!
Acetone soaking makes them soft and you can eventually peel them off. But be cautious b/c a lot of places use dentle cement (so your manicure lasts longer) The places that do this are usually the places that have the product in a ceramic bowl instead of the original jar. If this is the case I would suggest spending the money and go back to where you got them put on b/c not only will it hurt taking them off but you could damage your natural nail underneathe!
let the nails be wet for 5 minutes .

then pinch them off with a nail cutter .
Soak your hand in hot water........clip the left and right tip of the fake nail.......and remove it from the bottom up.....or go to the nail shop and they will do it for about 5 bucks
don't do it yourself, go to the nail technician who did them and they have stuff to take them off.
No method is truly painless. But, to make it easier. take a fairly course emery board and literally sand them down until there is only a fine layer of acrylic or gel left on your nails. Then soaking them in an acetone based solution will take care of the rest. Just make sure when you are sanding them down, that you change areas of the nails frequently. It tends to get hot and you will feel a burning sensation if you sand in one spot too long.

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